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Our Technical Design Team are supported by three bespoke Design Studios. They are agile, responsive and have a solid understanding of our Clients' objectives.

Here's a brief introduction to these valuable collaboration partners:


Preflight is web and database development company with over 25 years experience.  They are a team of designers, developers and programmers specialising in the development of Content and Learning Management Systems including WordPress, Joomla and Moodle LMS.

Preflight have collaborated with Thomson Bridge to develop our online work force compliance platform, The Bridge. Current Thomson Bridge projects include our online eLogBook for the recording of workplace learning evidence and a cloud based Training and Assessment Database.

PreFlight's website

Sustainable Image

Sustainable Image is a photographic and film studio orientated to commerical and industrial applications. This dynamic team is passionate about capturing images of our Thomson Bridge community in their place of work, and creating mirco-short filmsthat are clear, concise and informative.

Sustainable Image

Wells Creative Studio

This Technical illustration studio works with our Design team to create complex illustrations which represent processes and plant through 2D and 3D Images and animation. This work contributes to traditional learning tools, instructional work procedures and digital assets.

 Visit the website at Wells Creative Studio.