UETTDRRF10B - First Aid in an ESI environment


This Course covers the provision of first aid in an Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) environment. It includes the recognition and provision of an initial response where first aid is required in emergency situations by providing essential first aid using basic life support measures according to established workplace first aid policies and procedures.

Units of Competency

UETTDRRF10B - First Aid in an ESI environment

Training Location

At your workplace, Site or approved training locations.

Course aim

Course participants learn how to create a safe workplace, approach a casualty, communicate with helpers, perform CPR and provide resuscitation.

Learning outcomes

This Course covers essential skills that include:
Assessing the emergency site for hazards
Clear communication with emergency services personnel
Safely removing an unconscious victim from the vicinity of live electricity
Performing CPR and other essential first aid procedures
Documenting the first aid response in accordance with workplace protocol

Assessment approach

A combination of theory and practical assessments

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