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Tailored training matrixes for Industry Sectors

Across Australia and internationally, we work with Network and Asset owners and their Contractors to design and deliver training and assessment programs.

To assist our Clients in managing their workforce training compliance, Thomson Bridge prepares Industry Training matrixes.

This page provides a selection of Skills Matrices that have been prepared for our CLinets across different Sectors. Please contact our office for further assistance in understanding and managing your workforce skills matrix requirements.

Our Courses are consistent with:

  • Specified Electrical Safety Management Systems and Procedures
  • Regulatory requirements and codes of Practice
  • Company policies and procedures.

Visit our Workforce Compliance page to learn about The Bridge, our complementary workforce compliance management system, which will assist you in:

  • managing your workforce training, licencing, and authorisation compliance 
  • obtaining your Worker Cards with QR code linking back to the individual’s records on The Bridge.