Power Station Plant Operations big

Power Station Plant Operations

Our Power Station Team members have decades of experience in operating, maintaining and training across all types of power generation equipment including the operation of sub-critical coal fired, super-critical coal fired, combined cycle gas turbine power plant, hydro turbine generators and diesel generator plant and air cooled condensers.

Visit our Team Page for details of our Power Station Experts and our Thermal Sector page for some relevant case studies..

We deliver:

Auspice and Partnerships Services

We partner with our Clients’ Operations and Learning & Development teams to achieve flexible, cost effective, vocational training services under Auspice agreements. We offer options that include a combination of Site based classroom delivery, log books, practical and theory assessments and mentoring programs.

We also deliver Recognition of Prior Learning programs for a range of Qualifications.


For experienced workers we offer pathways to achieve a number of Qualifications from the UEP Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector Training Package. Please refer to our scope on training.gov.au for a full list of the UEP Certificate III, IV and Diploma level Qualifications.

This service is offered to the employees of our corporate Clients. It involves an assessment of the candidate’s evidence including resumes, references, training certificates, high risk licences, work orders and permits. On completion of this gap analysis, our experienced Learning and Development team will prepare a training plan which will include a combination of Credit Transfer, RPL, gap training, supervised practicals, Verification of Competency and log book components.


AGL Energy, Alinta Energy, CS Energy, Delta Electricity, EnergyAustralia, Origin Energy, Stanwell Corporation