Arc Flash Consultancy Training

Arc Flash Consultancy & Training


Thomson Bridge assists our Clients in developing risk management approaches that aim to improve the safety of personnel who work, and/or carry out switching, in the vicinity of high and low voltage equipment. Arc flash calculations are prepared for the primary power components and primary switching locations.

Our aim is to provide practical and actionable advice that maximises a safe operating environment.

We work with our Clients to consider critical factors including system power distribution configuration, plant operating modes, protective equipment selection and settings, working distances, PPE, work practices and training.

The objecives of our work include the following:

  1. Reduce clearing time
  2. Reduce fault current
  3. Increase the working distance
  4. Select appropriate levels of PPE
  5. Implement or Upgrade Safe work polices and procedures
  6. Education



We offer an Arc Flash Awareness Course which provides a broad understanding of Arc Flash and the hazards associated with it. The course draws on Case Studies and provides information and examples of practical approaches to the development of risk management strategies. These programs can be tailored to your specific site and audience. Typical topics include:

  • Understanding Arc Flash
  • Regulatory context and international standards
  • Arc Flash - human effects
  • Characteristics of an Arc
  • Common causes of Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash protection boundary
  • Arc Flash incidents
  • Case study analysis
  • Why conduct Arc Flash analysis
  • Arc Flash calculations and analysis - learnings
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Reducing Arc Flash hazard
  • Arc Flash working distance 
  • Appropriate levels of PPE
  • Electrical hazard management
  • Risk mitigation