Digital Media

Digital Media

Thomson Bridge provides a design studio capability for the development of a wide range of digital media including video, still image, infographics and animation.

We produce a range of media assets for inclusion in course content and eLearning modules:

  • Video Production – we offer a full production service for video including scripting, pre-production, on-site filming and post-production editing, including voice-over.

  • Still Imagery – our professional photographer captures client specific images for uses in a variety of media. Services include on-site photography and editing.
  • Infographics – we produce a variety of customised infographics.  We can analyse, design and develop graphics that resonate with the client target audience.
  • Animations – we produce short animation clips that illustrate a requirement reducing the need for, or reinforcing, text descriptions.

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We enhance learning experiences through the use of micro videos, 2D and 3D images and animation. 

Thomson Bridge Video Production

Making mirco videos

22kV Siemens Circuit Breaker Racking - Course Preview

Capacitor bank operation

NOJA SWER ARC bypass - Course Preview

Electricity Fieldwork procedures

Permit Issue - Course Preview Video

Permit issue

Our Clients

Medium HV Cable Installations 

What we do animation

Issuing SCAPs


What we do animation

Our industry sectors animation

Power Grid simulation

Power grid simulation

Rankine Cycle

Thermodynamic Cycle


Safe approach distances

Our Clients

Step & touch potential

Our Clients

Track insulation

Our Clients

Traction overhead line structure

LV Rescue

Low Voltage panel rescue

First Aid (CPR and Defib) - Course Preview

CPR - correct position