Technical Writing

Technical Writing & Illustration

Thomson Bridge can support our clients through the design and development of technical documentation and illustration

Our engineers and technical writers can support a client in the build of a suite of documentation or individual documents for a specific need. Where a client does not have a specific set of criteria defined for their documentation we also offer consulting services to assist in the identification of the types of technical documents that may be needed.

We help our clients put in place professional and documented processes and supports for effective management of operations and training.

Our clients often have complex arrangements and Thomson Bridge can assist documenting the technical aspects from policy, procedures to work instructions and forms.

Our technical writers have detailed experience in the power industry and can produce documentation, illustrations, 3D models and infographics that helps you make how things should work explicit and agreed.

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We work to client specifications or the outcomes of our consulting service. We draw on our expert engineering knowledge, our understanding of regulatory frameworks, our library of assets and our graphical design expertise to ensure all documents are clear and concise. Products include:

  • Policies – produce policy documents using the client’s templates or assist in template design.
  • Procedures – build detailed procedure documents to meet client specifications, regulations and network requirements.
  • Plans - build detailed emergency response, asset management and maintenance or HV connection plans.
  • Processes – produce process maps, diagrams and posters that enable processes to be publicised and shared. 
  • Instructions - Our technical writers bring a wealth of electrical engineering expertise to the writing of switching instructions and work instructions.
  • Forms - produce effective and specific forms or deliver templates for a variety of technical uses such as a permits, process checklist, handover brief.
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Rankine Cycle Technical Animation

Rankine Cycle Technical Animation

The Rankine cycle is a thermodynamic cycle which converts heat into mechanical energy, which usually gets transformed into electricity by electrical generation.

Earth Voltage Profile Illustration

Earth Profile Integration

We illustrate client specific and customised diagrams to resonate with the target audience.

What we do animation

What we do animation

Annimation is a simple and powerful tool to illustrate a requirement reducing the need for, or reinforcing, text based information.

Enter Enclosure Wind

Potential Hazards in Wind Turbine Towers Illustration

Using 2D, 3D and video to illustrate the risks and effective hazard management for online site induction training for the Wind Energy sector.

Power Grid simulation

Power grid simulation

We're using annimation and simulation to demonstrate principles, practices and problems associated with power grid dynamics and its impacts on network participants.

Traction Illustration

Traction Illustration

We use 3D modelling and illustration in our courseware for overhead rail traction configurations, components and equipment.