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First response training is mandatory across most industries and is required to be refreshed on a regular basis. The purpose of this training is to ensure that employees have the ability to respond, with purpose and confidence, to an emergency at their place of work.

First Response program

This program includes presentations, videos, hands-on circuit classes, written assessment and simulated emergency events designed to test and hone all the core competencies and skills.

We use Laerdal Medical's Resusci Anne QCPR resuscitation dummy and defibrillator system, which provides immediate digital interactive reporting on your technique. The Fire Extinguisher is a digital fire training system, called BullsEye, designed by Haagen, the global leaders in fire extinguisher and emergency response training hardware.

These tools provide a more realistic training exercise, with immediate objective feedback. The tools provide the assessment score, rather than reliance on the trainer’s subjective assessment

Testimonial - “A great example of training that is interesting and invigorating. Refresher training can become routine. The way you set up the morning and had us practice the various aspects of rescue with the digital aids was fun and helped us improve our technique. The staged ‘life like’ scenario simulating the unpredictability of an emergency situation was challenging ..and has very much imprinted the learning. I will never forget it and feel I can transfer the learnings to better respond to any other kind of real emergency.”

Cécile Allen, Training & Development Consultant, AusNet Services

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Program Details

  • First Response Training designed to hone your response skills in an emergency situation at your place of work. Courses can be tailored for your work place.
  • Application and Relevance This Course covers key units required for workers in the electrical supply industry including CPR, Fire Extinguisher, Manual Handling and LV rescue. 
  • Statement of Attainment On successful completion of this Course, participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for relevant nationally recognised Units of Competency.