Auspice with AGL Torrens Island for High Voltage Operations Training

Auspicing with Thomson Bridge enables AGL to utilise and maintain its internal technical training resources while delivering fully benchmarked training programs that result in the issue of nationally recognised units of competency to its workforce.


AGL Torrens Island Power Station is located on Torrens Island near Port Adelaide and has supplied electricity to South Australia for almost six decades. The site is evolving as the original and aging gas fired power station is gradually closing while a new 210MW fast start power station has been built and 250MW grid battery is now under construction to provide generation and storage capacity designed to support South Australia’s renewables dominated electricity grid.

AGL has an internal workforce of plant operators who are trained to undertake the HV switching required onsite. Their preferred option for training was to retain the capacity to deliver all HV training internally while also delivering nationally recognised units of competency. The Auspicing agreement in place with Thomson Bridge allowed AGL Torrens to retain their internal training capacity, giving them flexibility and lower cost delivery alongside greater workplace mentoring capacity.

Our role

Thomson Bridge signed an Auspicing agreement with AGL, enabling AGL staff to receive formal national qualifications for completing internally developed and delivered training.

Under the agreement, Thomson Bridge works with AGL Torrens to ensure the training delivered meets the standards of the national training system.

Through the program, Torrens Island plant operators gain and then maintain competency against the following national units.

  • UETTDRRF01 - Apply ESI safety rules, codes of practice and procedures for work on or near electrical apparatus
  • UETTDRRF09 - Apply access procedures to work on or near electrical network infrastructure
  • UEPOPS301 - Conduct single energy source isolation procedures for permit to work
  • UEPOPS349 - Operate local H.V. switchgear
  • UEPOPS402 - Conduct multiple energy source isolation procedures for permit to work*
  • UEPOPS456 - Perform switching to a switching program

Project Details

  • Client: AGL Energy 
  • Location: Torrens Island, South Australia
  • Industry: Electricity Generation Industry
  • Outcome: Benchmarked training for skilled and qualified staff