thermal generation

Thermal and Hydro Generation

Our Power Station team members have decades of experience in operating, maintaining and training across all types of thermal and hydro power generation equipment operating at scale in Australia. This includs operation of sub-critical, super-critical coal fired and combined cycle gas turbine power plant, hydro turbine generators and diesel generator plant and air cooled condensers.

This experience enables us to understand your business and be sensitive to the needs of the different training stakeholders you have within your organisation.

Training in power stations is complex and ever shifting – there are corporate compliance requirements, High Risk Work licenses, permit system authorisation requirements, role focused technical training, upskilling when equipment and processes change and making sure contractors arriving onsite are bringing the right skills and can show evidence of competency and compliance.

Industry Collaboration

Thomson Bridge hosts a round table Thermal Forum for operators of large scale generation assets. Initially face to face, and currently in a virtual forum, we meet with representatives from Engie, Origin Energy, AGL Energy, Stanwell Corporation, Delta Electricity and CS Energy to discuss a range of issues impacting training, operations and maintenance.

Enquiry about our February 2022 Large Scale Generation Forum here

Technical Documentation & Curriculum Design

Our technical design engineers prepare instructional curriculum, digital media and associated work procedures. For details, visit our Learning Design & Content Management page. 

Electrical Consulting & Advisory Services

Visit our Consulting, Audit & Advisory page for details of our work in electrical and safe access procedures, permit to work, LOTO and general work practices, audits and incident investigations. 

Short Courses & Qualifications

We design and deliver contextualised training programs for:

Visit Our Courses page to learn more.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Our "Legacy Skills" Programs recognise the competencies for power station operators nationally. This program provides a recognition of prior learning (RPL) pathway for the achievement of the following qualifications by experienced power station operators:

  • UEP30218 - Certificate III in ESI Generation – Operations
  • UEP40218 - Certificate IV in ESI Generation – Operations
  • UEP50218 – Diploma of ESI Generation – Operations

Setting up staff for the future - Legacy Skills Programs 

Auspice Services

We provide RTO Auspice services to assist Power Stations in getting the best results from their training. We aim to maximise staff time and budgets alloacted to the development and maintenance of skills. These programs align to company procedures, map to nationally accredited Competency Units, and reflect industry best practice. Read more about our  RTO Auspice Services.

Case Studies:  

critical risk identification courseware for AGL Energy

Case Study
Designing critical risk identification courseware for AGL Energy

Improving electrical critical risk identification, safety culture & leadership.

large scale generators forum

Case Study
Large Scale Generators Forum

Facilitating the sharing and analysis of key issues impacting the large scale generation sector - safety of personnel, safety of equipment and continuity of supply.

APA Upskilling Operators to Interface with power systems operators

Case Study
CS Energy - building courseware for power station operators

A modular program tailored for Kogan Creek Power Station - sequentially building knowledge from foundation theory to panel operations

AGL Hydroelectric Power

Case Study
Auspice with AGL Energy to award Generation Qualifications

Partnering with AGL Energy to implement nationally benchmarked competency standards and generation qualifications across its large scale generation sites