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Boiler and Turbine Operations & High Risk Licence Assessment

Licence to operate Basic & Advanced Boiler and Steam Turbine - training & assessment services

Background to High Risk Work Licences 

Pressure equipment operation is classed as High Risk Work (HRW). A licence to perform HRW is part of a national system which authorises individuals to carry out particular classes of work including boiler and turbine operation. The HRW licence has been incorporated into each state’s law via their respective WHS Regulations.

To obtain a HRW licence, a person must be trained in accordance with the applicable Unit of Competency by an RTO and then be assessed as competent against the applicable national assessment instrument (NAI) by an Assessor who is accredited by the Work Health and Safety regulator under the WHS regulations.

Boiler and Turbine training & assessment

Our training programs are designed to ensure that participants have the skills and knowledge required to operate your equipment at your organisation. Operation includes start up, handover, monitoring, shut down and storage. 

Assessment is carried out through formal classroom assessment and the accumulation of practical experience via a log book and training plan.

At the completion of the theory and practical components of the Unit of Competency, our HRL assessor will:

  • review candidate’s evidence they have recorded to demonstrate they have the required knowledge and experience to satisfy the requirements of the Unit; and
  • undertake an assessment of the candidate, in accordance with the national HRL assessment guideline and the Unit of Competency.