Asset Management Plans & Maintenance Procedures

Our Subject Matter Experts and engineers have extensive experience in developing management plans and maintenance procedures.

These documents outline the minimum HV asset maintenance (preventive and predictive) required for Balance of Plant. 

The plans ensure compliance with AEMO and energy regulators and reduce the risk of asset failure, an thus generation potential.

Our Team members have held key and senior roles across network service providers and asset owners and bring a wealth of experience to consulting assignments.

Example maintenance procedures include:

  • Oil samples
  • Insulation and insulation resistance testing (Meggar)
  • Conductors and contact resistance testing (Ductor)
  • Thermography
  • Substation batteries
  • Visual inspections
  • Circuit breaker maintenance
  • Transformer maintenance.

We prepare and instruct site teams to work to agreed maintenance work instructions.

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Case Studies

Our Clients

Case Study
BOP Maintenance Plan for Worley’s Crowlands Wind Farm

Creating a framework to optimise cost, manage risk & underwrite asset reliability & performance of high voltage balance of plant at Crowlands Wind Farm. 

Our Clients

Case Study
Incident investigation to determine cause of wind turbine electrical plant failure

Following a significant equipment failure of a wind turbine, Thomson Bridge’s electrical engineering expertise was retained to undertake a root cause analysis of the failure.

Our Clients

Case Study
Audit for HV Site Safe Access

Palisade appointed Thomson Bridge to develop audit tools to benchmark and ensure a uniform safe system of work across all its renewable sites to control the risks associated with work on, near, or in the vicinity of, High Voltage electrical apparatus.