New ESV licensing regime for lineworkers

New ESV licensing regime for lineworkers


Energy Safe Victoria has introduced legislation that requires overhead lineworkers to be licenced to undertake work that is authorised by the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry (VESI) networks in Victoria. Overhead lineworkers working across transmission, distribution, rail and cable jointing need to hold a modern Certificate III ESI Power Systems qualification in order meet the licensing requirements to work.

Our role

Thomson Bridge developed pathways to train and qualify new and existing Victorian lineworkers to achieve the necessary Certificate III in ESI Power System qualifications to meet ESV licencing requirements.

In order to do this, we needed a good understanding of how the licencing process works and the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry (VESI) requirements around the unit selection for qualification.

As a trusted RTO with our highly experienced Subject Matter Experts, we developed industry best practice training and skills required for lineworkers to reach the level the VESI electrical networks needed to authorise the licences and provide a safe and suitably qualified workforce.

We provided gap training where lineworkers fell short on holding the appropriate units of competency and where their existing qualifications were not equivalent for the competency requirements to receive a licence. We utilised a combination of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment processes, intensive classroom coaching for electrical theory, on the job experience using logbooks, and online electrical theory school to meet the training and assessment requirements.

We have provided the training requirements for lineworkers currently working in the VESI and those coming back into the industry by upgrading old craft and proficiency electrical qualifications to the new modern equivalent Certificate III in ESI Power System qualifications.

We are working with organisations by gap training and upskilling their workforce to the latest ESI qualifications to meet the ESV licencing requirements.

  • UET30519 – Certificate III in ESI Power Systems – Transmission Overhead
  • UET30619 – Certificate III in ESI Power Systems – Distribution Overhead
  • UET30719 – Certificate III in ESI Power Systems – Rail Traction
  • UET30819 – Certificate III in ESI Power Systems – Cable jointing

For further details visit our page on Qualification pathways for ESI Overhead lineworkers. For more information about EnergySafe Victoria and Lineworker licensing visit the ESV page. 

Project Details

  • Client: Distribution, transmission and traction Lineworkers
  • Location: Victoria
  • Industry: Victorian Electricity Supply Industry
  • Our role: Ensuring that lineworkers we train and qualify in Victoria meet the ESV licensing requirements
  • Resouces: For more information on Lineworker licensing in Victoria visit Energy Safe Victoria