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Vegetation Management Companies working near overhead powerlines must provide Initial and Refresher training for their staff. This is now mandatory in most states.

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Thomson Bridge is authorised by ElectraNet’s Switching Committee to provide Initial and Refresher Category 2 Switching training. These programs are designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to understand and safely act as a Switching Operator without restriction on the ElectraNet Transmission network.

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We have renamed our Company in honour of a great thinker, inventor and teacher called William Thomson, also known as Lord Kelvin.

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Thomson Bridge now offers 14 Qualifications across the Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Vegetation Management ESI sectors.

These qualifications are available via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), gap training and Corporate sponsorship programs.  

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AusNet Services is Victoria’s largest energy delivery service business, owning and operating approximately $11bn of electricity and gas transmission and distribution assets.

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CherryGardensFollowing feedback from surveys, benchmarking and compliance audits, ElectraNet has undertaken a project to rewrite the Asset Access Manual. 

This will have implications on the training and licensing cycles.
The Asset Access Manual provides site access protocols to all personnel accessing any site within the ElectraNet transmission network including:
  • substations/switchyards
  • transmission easements, lines and cables
  • communication facilities.
It outlines the minimum requirements for access to ElectraNet assets to ensure all employees and contractors work safely near and around High Voltage (HV) plant and equipment. 
The rewritten Manual will be renamed the Transmission Asset Access Manual (TAAM). The TAAM is to be used by every ElectraNet employee, contractor or sub-contractor who is required to access any site within the ElectraNet Transmission network.
The intent of the rewrite is to develop a manual that is easier to navigate, reduces the number of supporting forms required, is consistent with the structure established by the Switching Manual, meets industry best practice and is specific in highlighting and clearly communicating ElectraNet’s requirements for safe access. 
The manual will be separated into two stand-alone volumes, divided by function: 1) Governance and  2) Rules and Procedures. 
The two volumes will form the complete ElectraNet Transmission Asset Access Manual.
Other intended changes include:
  • the document will no longer to be a joint document with SA Power Networks 
  • the manual will focus on ElectraNet requirements for access and ElectraNet specific authorisation (licence) levels
  • content will be arranged in logical sequence with effective indexing
  • more information relating to lines and communications sites
  • relocation of organisational guidelines or procedures information relating to work activities (rather than access) – e.g. detailed information on excavation or hot work.
  • access authorisation (licence) levels to be simplified and provide clear distinction between site/asset types with the objective being focused information for the access you require 
  • all visitors and workers from non-endorsed companies to be managed under robust short-term access provisions
  • general Safe Approach Limits will remain unchanged except for the addition of a SAL value for Low Voltage (LV)
  • reduction in number of barriers, ropes etc. 
If you have any queries regarding any of this information please contact the project on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our Office on 1300 15 66 85.

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Yarra Trams has engaged Thomson Bridge to assist in its review of its operating procedures and instructions for the overhead lines, substation and control centre, in light of the recently revised Code of Practice.

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