The rise in faults in underground cabling systems led to the launch of Thomson Bridge and NKT Cable Jointing Practices Programs

The rising volume of high voltage underground power cables brings about technical challenges to network and site developers, operators, and maintenance technicians.

Due to the increase in costly faults in underground cabling systems, the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) has called on Thomson Bridge and NKT to educate the owners, developers and operators of high voltage networks on what conditions and workmanship are necessary in underground cable systems to ensure quality and longevity. 

The Cable Jointing Practices one day program will help the industry understand how to implement measures and controls to prevent costly faults and what happens when faults do occur.

The rise in cable system faults is of great concern for the owners, developers and operators of private high voltage networks with voltages from 2.2kV up to 33kV in generation (wind, solar and thermal) sub-transmission, distribution and rail networks or large scale industry and utilities.

When it goes wrong, it really goes wrong

“Problems mainly occur with cables because of poor cable installation, poor workmanship on joints (underground) and terminations (overheads), poor cable products and accessories and poor cables that are cheap and not manufactured to quality specifications.”  said NKT’s leading fault trouble shooter, Paul McNab.

The consequences of poor cabling can lead to faults which cause loss of power supply therefore loss of revenue and the time required to identify and locate the fault which is amplified by installations that are underground systems that are not easy to find.

“We are finding that a lot of faults are occurring in the 18 months to 3 year period of the 25 year life span of facilities.” said Andrew Garvey, Cable Jointing Training specialist at Thomson Bridge.

Thomson Bridge and NKT Cable Jointing Practices programs

A partnership between ESI training, consulting and compliance specialists Thomson Bridge and NKT, a global provider of power cable solutions, has designed the Cable Jointing Practices program which will contribute to the understanding by the ESI of the requirements that lead to quality outcomes in cable jointing and the consequences of poor workmanship and cable jointing failure. 

The one day program with a mix of theory, practical demonstrations and case studies will be delivered by presenters who are highly experienced and regarded practitioners with decades of experience to industry participants including engineers, project managers and site supervisors across renewable generation and other infrastructure sectors.

The collaboration with Thomson Bridge’s capability of specialist Subject Matter Experts, digital and modern approach to training is drawing on NKT’s practical infrastructure project experience across the world.

The program will use the combined experience of worlds bests practice to deliver a higher level of awareness of what conditions and workmanship are necessary to ensure quality and longevity, including:

  • What do we need to know to ensure a good quality outcome
  • What is good quality workmanship
  • What is good site preparation, management and planning
  • What constitutes quality cable jointing and terminations to the power source
  • Positive steps to take toward prevention of faults before they happen and what happens if faults occur.

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About Thomson Bridge

Thomson Bridge is helping organisations meet the demands of the energy transition by providing workforce safety, skills and compliance services so that you can maintain a competent workforce; operate with safe and consistent work practices; and meet regulatory compliance and audit readiness.

We are a national provider of ESI training and electrical consulting services, developing essential electrical skills and safety leadership across renewable and thermal generation, transmission, distribution and rail networks, infrastructure, HV operations, control room and the powergrid interface.

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About NKT

Energy is essential to our everyday life, and as a company dedicated to power cable technology, NKT’s purpose is to connect you, us, and society to a greener world. With the global community moving towards clean and renewable energy, NKT deliver lifetime value by enabling sustainable energy transmission.

NKT are a global provider of power cable solutions, encompassing the design, manufacture and installation of low, medium and high voltage power systems. With headquarters in Denmark and operations across the world, NKT proudly employs over 3400 employees globally across 75 nationalities and celebrated our 130th anniversary in 2021. NKT is listed on the Danish stock exchange, Nasdaq Copenhagen, and our various business lines generated a realised revenue of EUR 1.4 billion in 2020.

Within NKT’s cable accessories portfolio, we offer all applications up to 550kV, combined with the knowledge and service to provide solutions to implement cable projects cost effectively. NKT Australia are committed to ensuring the local cable jointing industry continues to develop, through the guidance of world class experts, and we take pride in being an essential partner to Australia’s power grid, by ensuring quality above all else, is passed down through our products, knowledge, and service.