Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Management Guideline

This Arc Flash Hazard Management Guideline is a consolidated guideline that incorporates the collective electric arc flash hazard knowledge and experience into an easy-to-read guideline that can be accessed and shared by in the Australian Energy Industry.

Supporting and detailed technical information has been provided in several annexes to assist the development and implementation of Energy Industry organisations’ specific arc flash hazard management systems.

Thomson Bridge was retained to lead the drafting of this important guideline and contribution was provided by a cross section of Electricity generation industry practitioners and professionals and is endorsed by the Australian Energy Council (AEC). The contribution of AGL Macquarie, Alinta Energy, Synergy, Delta Electricity, Stanwell, CS Energy, Hydro Tasmania, Snowy Hydro, Origin Energy, ENGIE, HIESN and Palisade Asset Management is much appreciated.

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Our electrical engineers and protection experts are providing detailed calcualtions for hazard management across Australian wind farms.

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