Arc Flash Awareness


Thomson Bridge has a deep understanding of energy networks and a passion for sharing our knowledge of safe operating, risk analysis and industry best practice in respect to High Voltage and Low Voltage operations. This Arc Flash Familiarisation course provides participants with a broad understanding of Arc Flash and the hazards associated with it. These programs can be tailored to your specific site and audience.

The course will be delivered by an experienced industry professional, bringing a depth of knowledge and experience to the learner. Our Instructors draw on their extensive experience across Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Rail, Oil & Gas and Mines.

Please note, this is a non-accredited course and upon successful completion, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion - Arc Flash Familiarisation.

Course aim

The course is designed to enable participants to safely work on or near electrical apparatus by providing them with the knowledge and skills to understand arc flash, its risks and methods of mitigation.

Target learner group

The target learners for this course are employees currently working within the Australian Electricity Supply Industry. This includes employees of network asset owners, contractors and sub-contractors in electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

Workers in the industry are required to regularly complete workplace safety risk assessment and work planning documentation, and therefore bring a solid foundational understanding of risk assessment and workplace safety documentation concepts and practices to the program.

Learning activities

Delivery includes:

  • Trainer led classroom presentations
  • Theory assessment

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, a participant will have developed an understanding of the following:

  • The legislative framework that governs work activities on their site
  • Regulatory context and international standards
  • Characteristics of an Arc
  • Understanding Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash - human effects
  • Common causes of Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash protection boundary
  • Arc Flash incidents
  • Case study analysis
  • Why conduct Arc Flash analysis
  • Arc Flash calculations and analysis – learnings
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Reducing Arc Flash hazard
  • Arc Flash working distance
  • Appropriate levels of PPE
  • Electrical hazard management
  • Risk mitigation


1 day (Courses Commence at 8.00am - 4.00pm AEDT)


Price is per person including GST. ($280 ex. GST per person).

For Corporate and Private Courses, please discuss your requirements with our Training Services Team via our Office on 1300 15 66 85 or email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Equipment & PPE

Learners are required to have the following to participate in this course:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. Hard Hat, Safety Footwear, Approved Hi-Vis Clothing, Safety Glasses)
  • Stationary (e.g. Pen, Pencil, etc.)

Assessment approach

Learners will be assessed using a combination of the following methods:

  • Theory/Written Assessment (e.g. Short Answer Questions, Multiple Choice, Verbal Questioning Interview)

Accreditation Status

Upon successful completion, learners will receive Certificate of Completion - Arc Flash Awareness

Further information about your rights and obligations:

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