Yarra Trams - Electrical Safety Rules Curriculum Design and Delivery

Yarra Trams - Electrical Safety Rules Education program for staff & contractors 


Yarra Trams is the world’s largest operational tram network, with over 250km of double track. It has been operating for over 100 years. 

An essential part of Yarra Trams Safety Management System are its Electrical Infrastructure Safety Rules (EISR) which are designed to keep workers safe when they are exposed to the hazards of working on, Near, or in the Vicinity of the Yarra Trams electrical infrastructure. 

It is therefore mandatory for all workers to be trained and operate under these rules.

When Yarra Trams updated the ESIR to ensure full compatibility with the Victorian Traction Industry Electrical Safety Rules (2014) (the Orange Book), the light rail network operator appointed Thomson Bridge to design and implement new training programs for initial and new rail workers.

Our role

Our Instructional Designers network specialists worked with the electrical infrastructure team at Yarra Trams to design a range of EISR training programs for experienced and new workers.

We then scheduled programs and facilitated workshops for staff and contractors to ensure the new safety rules were introduced across the workforce.

The Rail Safety National Law requires each rail worker performing rail safety work to prove their identity and demonstrate the training and competence that the worker has obtained in order to perform that work. To meet this requirement, we used The Bridge, our Workforce Compliance Management portal, so that each worker can easily demonstrate their EISR training completion certificate using their smart phone. Yarra Trams' Coordinators could also view these Completion Certificates to enable the issuance of EISR authorisations for each worker. 

Project Details

  • Client: Yarra Trams
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Industry: Rail
  • Our role: Offering targeted electrical safety training for Melbourne’s light rail network workforce
  • Outcome: A fit for purpose education program that meets the training compliance requirements of Rail Safety National Law and Victorian Traction Industry Electrical Safety Rules