Micro short videos

CS Energy - Building competency skills for power station operations


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Our Role

Our eLearning and digital repertoire has consistently been growing since 2018. These initiatives are supported by the contribution of our boutique design studio partners who have collaborated to build our LMS architecture and databases as well as visual content.

So, it was not a big step to seek their guidance on the production of micro-learning vidoes. The key to success was to create video content that was brief and concise. Shooting needed to be economical in the use of people, plant and props and post-production needed to be highly efficient to remain cost effective. We all agreed that the sweet spot was a 1 to 3 minute film product. But a short film means that there is less time to tell the story, so the story boarding and scripting needed to be well crafted.

Getting this formula right opens up the ability to incorporate micro learning videos across many training programs. They can be tailored for site and client specific purposes and create variation and authenticity to the learners' experience. The agility of a small film crew also enables us to access a large variety of locations.

Stay tuned for the integration of this powerful medium into our training services.

Project Details

  • Overview: With micro-shorts, you’re free to experiment with new techniques and ideas in a low-risk environment. Our small film crew, L&D specialists and Subject Matter Experts work to an agile format to capture and convey key messaging without embellishment or distraction.
  • Outcome: Creating digital products that are short, simple, well-crafted and focus on conveying the message without the distraction of too many bells and whistles.
  • Resources: Access our videos soon