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Our people and culture

At Thomson Bridge, we foster a workplace culture of diversity and innovation. We are active participants in our business community and this extends our capabilities, improves our knowledge, and enhances our work life experiences. Read on to learn more about Thomson Bridge's approach to building our culture and contributing to our community.

Substation Maintenance Procedures

Building Diversity

Our work in the electricity and power industries requires an extraordinary range of skills. To meet this challenge, we actively recruite staff from a diversity of backgrounds and at all stages of the career lifecycle. 

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HV Operator Training

Our Origins

Our Company is named in honour of William Thomson, also known as Lord Kelvin. Born in 1824, Thomson was a mathematical physicist and engineer. He helped develop the second law of thermodynamics and he invented the absolute temperature scale named after him.

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HV Operation Audit

Young Professionals Programs - Interns & Graduates

Thomson Bridge believes in fostering young careers. We do this via a Graduate Engineer program and Internships for students entering tertiary education.

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HV Operation Procedures

The William Thomson Scholarship

This Scholarship is targeted to existing workers in the Electricity Supply Industry who are seeking a formal qualification to recognise existing knowledge and experience or attain new skills.

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Arc Flash Consultancy & Training

Accreditations and Partnerships

We are an accredited Training Organisation and participate in several peak industry bodies to ensure we deliver service that is aligned to industry best practice.

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Incident Investigation


We are always interested to talk to enthusiastic and talented individuals who can contribute to our training and consultancy capability.

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