Rail Networks

To support Rail infrastructure expansion and the ongoing maintenance and operations of essential rail networks, we provide Learning and Consulting Services to support electrical safety, skills and compliance for our rail network owners and their Contractors. 

Our industry experts have extensive skills and deep knowledge across electrical network and plant operations, maintenance, rail electrical safety management, curriculum and work instruction development for light and heavy rail. 

Electrical Consulting & Advisory Services

Visit our Consulting, Audit & Advisory page for details of our work in the creation of electrical and safe access procedures, work practices, audits and incident investigations. We draw on a solid understanding of network electrical protocols and safety consistent with WHS and electrical legislation and the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR). 

Short Courses & Qualifications

We offer a range of Short Courses and Qualifications to support best practice in Ligh and Heavy Rail construction and operating work environments. Our objective is that workers operating in the rail corridor, on overhead lines, singals, substations or control rooms always have the right skills, authorisations and support to stay safe and do the job well.

Visit Our Courses page to learn more.

Technical Documentation & Curriculum Design

Our Technical design engineers prepare instructional curriculum, digital media and associated work procedures. For details, visit our Learning Design & Content Management page. 

Training Management & Learning Systems

We provide Partnership and RTO Auspice services to assist rail networks and Alliance Partners optimise their training and align to company procedures; map to nationally accredited  Competency Units; and reflect industry best practice. Read more about our Partnership and RTO Auspice Services.


Case Studies

For more examples of our services to clients in the rail sector, click the Rail tab on the Case Studies page.

Auspice partner for new light rail

Case Study
Agile course development during Rail Tunnel construction & Level Crossing Removal

Working closely with Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) to develop courseware to educate workers and Contractors in complex and hazardous construction environments.

Building qualifications for rail skills shortage

Case Study
Building Qualifications to support the rail infrastructure boom

A collaboration with industry, government and TAFE to design and deliver pathways to achieve the Rail Overhead Line qualification.

Electrical Safety audit for rail

Case Study
Rail Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical risk review to refine and clarrify roles, responsibility and delegation to align with Network Rules, State and Federal regulations.

Managing contractor compliance

Case Study
Managing Contractor Compliance For Rail Network Owners

Providing an end-to-end system for Rail Contractors to access online inductions, self paced and instructor led training programs, and receive electronic records for easy display in smart phone devices.