Transmission & Distribution

Transmission & Distribution

Thomson Bridge is a committed partner to Transmission and Distribution Network Service Providers across Australia. We provide learning and consulting services for skills, safety and compliance to Networks Owners, their Contractors and the Generators and HV Customers connecting to these PowerGrids.

Our Subject Matter Experts bring decades of experience in Lines, Substations and Control Rooms. They have deep knowledge, and an ability to communicate and demonstrate safety leadership. They are skilled practitioners who have held key and senior roles across multiple network companies including AusNet, TransGrid, ElectraNet, Essential Energy, ErgonEnergy, Western Power and PowerLink. They want to pass on to new generations of workers how to assess hazards, determine and evaluate risks and implement safety protections.

The Industry 

Australia's transmission and distribution networks are undergoing significant transformation. Many networks are restructuring and outsourcing operations and maintenance activities resulting in workers seeking to upgrade skills for new jobs. The transmission sector is commissioning major expansion and strengthening of existing lines over the next 10 years, resulting in forecast skills shortages. Also in scarce supply are Cable Jointers who are in demand as electrical infrastructure is increasingly moved from overhead to underground. 

Connectivity to these Networks and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements presents many challenges to new generators. Thomson Bridge offers a range of services to assist. 

Short Courses & Qualifications

We offer a range of Training & Learning Services to support best practice in transmission and distribution work environments. Our objective is that workers in substations, building towers, inspecting poles, laying and jointing cables, stringing lines, switching or diagnosing faults always have the right skills, authorisations and support to stay safe and do the job well.

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Workforce compliance solutions

We provide a comprehensive solution for Contractors to manage their training and authorisation records to meet the compliance needs of Australia's Network Owners.

Visit The Bridge to learn more about our Workforce Compliance Management portal. 

Electrical Consulting, Audit & Advisory Services

We offer a range of consulting and advisory services to support best practice and compliance with network protocols and electrical safety. This starts with a solid understanding of the Australian Regulatory environment for HV and LV operations and the specific requirements of each Network Service Provider across the country. Visit our Consulting, Audit & Advisory Services page to learn more.

Services & Resources

Metro Trains Melbourne

Case Study
EnergySafe Victoria introduces new licensing for lineworkers

We provide qualification pathways essential for licensing for distribution, transmission, rail lineworkers & cable jointers.

TransGrid Partnership

Case Study
Collaboration with TransGrid for Transmission Line Apprentices

Developing skilled lineworkers to strengthen the nation's electricity transmission network during the next 10 years. 

Upgrading Qualifications in the electrical supply industry

Case Study
Evo Energy - Electrical Worker Competency Framework Review

We offer industry and educational expertise to develop an effective, reliable and fit-for-purpose electrical worker competency framework.

ElectraNet South Australia

Case Study
Delivering ElectraNet's state-wide accreditation program

A collaboration with South Australia's transmission network owner, ElectraNet, to delivery the  state-wide accreditation program for Transmission Network Safe Asset Access.