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Our Sectors

High Voltage Operations

High Voltage Operations

Electrical skills and safety leadership across Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Rail networks, Utilities, Oil & Gas HV Customers.


Transmission & Distribution

Training and Qualification Services for skills and safety to build, operate and maintain the networks connecting the Energy Transition.

Renewable Generation

Renewable Generation

Providing safety, compliance and skills to site based staff during construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance for large scale Wind and Solar Generation.


Our Clients


Delivering skills, safety and compliance solutions to our rail network infrastructure clients and their alliance partners during construction, operations and maintenance.


Thermal Generation

Training for HV Operations, Licenses for Pressure Equipment,  Role focused technical training, Upskilling and Verification of Competency for Generation Sites.


Control Room & Power Grid Interface

Power System Operations

Creating agile training programs to build confidence in the principles, practices and challenges of today's complex power grid dynamics.


Ecosystems for Compliance Safety and Skills HERO 1024px


Our focus is the global Energy transformation, including utility grid modernisation, system hardening, renewable generation expansion and integration, electrification. We are helping you maintain a skilled workforce; operate with safe and consistent work practices; and meet regulatory compliance and audit readiness.

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Compliance, Safety  & Skills in the ESI  and Rail Sectors

Skills, Safety & Compliance in the Electricity Supply and Rail Industries

Providing practical training and skills development; easy to use learning solutions, electrical work procedures, so that our customers improve workforce safety, compliance and electrical competence during construction, handover, operations and maintenance. 

Training Consulting