Skill Sets

Skill Sets - for Competency and Compliance

Thomson Bridge offers our clients a curriculum design service that constructs skill sets specific to a workplace need. Our engineers and L&D specialists work with industry Subject Matter Experts and clients to develop curriculum to meet the following criteria:

  • Nationally Recognised Training – the skill sets can be built using nationally recognised units of competency appropriate to the skills required.
  • International standards - for example the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) standards 
  • Compliant - with regulatory requirements and Codes of Practice
  • Customised – the skill sets can be customised to meet specified needs and can be nationally recognised or non-accredited client specific skills.
  • Best practice - reflective of our decades of practical industry experience
Our services include traditional paper based courseware, as well as digital content and assessment tools for online and virtual experiences. We can host and manage your programs or upload to your Learning Management System.

To manage your workers' training progress against your Skills Sets, we provide access to our Learning Management System called The Bridge. This platform enables the client administrator to:

  • Manage – individual training attendance and certificates of skill sets are managed in our learning management system The Bridge.
  • Report – reports on skill sets ensure workforce compliance and manage training needs.
  • Administor - enables a company to build on template skill sets to manage specific-to-client grouping of skills.

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Case Studies & Services

Our Clients

Electrical, Basic Safety and Rescue Training Skill Sets for the Wind Energy Industry

We work with the wind energy sector to develop Skill Sets and deliver this training on Sites and at approved locations across Australia.

Our Clients

Skill Set courseware for the Victorian & NSW Electricity Supply Industry

We deliver Initial and Refresher training requirements for workers within the (VESI) and for Accredited Service Providers who undertake contestable works on distribution networks in NSW.  

Our Clients

Case Study
Developing training programs to meet the evolving Skill Sets required to work for Metro Trains Melbourne

An agile partnership to develop and maintain skills for workers constructing, operating and maintaining the MTM suburban rail network.