VIC Regulator introduces new requirement for Arc Flash hazard management

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is Victoria’s safety regulator for electricity, gas and pipelines has introduced a new requirement for Arc Flash hazard management

The Victorian Blue Book* 2022 has been issued in draft for industry consultation and includes a new section, 3.15 Arc Flash hazard management. It states that

“The risk of arc flash shall be assessed by undertaking an arc flash assessment or study.”

This new clause sets out the mandatory requirements for arc flash assessment or study for high voltage, complex and low voltage circuits rated at 800amps or above.

The Blue Book is the Victorian Code of Practice on electrical safety for work on or near high voltage electrical apparatus.

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Electric arc flash is a serious hazard which has the potential for personnel injury, equipment damage and loss of business. Regulators are calling for increased awareness and greater education within the Energy Industry to eliminate or minimise the risk of injury to persons from an arc flash.

Thomson Bridge can assist you in the compliance with this new requirement by:

  • Performing an Arc Flash study, utilising IEEE 1584-2018: Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations and the ETAP software.  This creates a model of a network for assessment purposes, which can be altered and rerun as the network is altered.
  • Provide arc flash label guidance and labelling as per the Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Management Guideline, published by the Australian Energy Council.
  • Provide recommendations on arc flash risk management, including revision of protection settings, work procedures, PPE requirements and other engineered solutions such as arc detection and suppression, remote operation and racking.
  • Incorporation and Delivery of Arc Flash management into Authorised Recipient and Authorised Operator training.
  • Delivery of Arc Flash familiarisation training to workers, supervisors and managers (a one-day instructor-led workshop).