Transmission Sector - Increased shortage of qualified lineworkers

The next decade will see a significant number of projects designed to improve and secure the nation’s transmission infrastructure. Projects of note include the new electricity interconnector between South Australia and New South Wales.

This interconnector project alone is a billion project and has been declared a Critical State Significant Infrastructure project in NSW. At a cost of approximately $1.5 billion, this project will create 800 regional construction jobs and 700 continuing jobs. The project is planned for delivery between 2022 and 2024. 

Other projects include upgrades to the existing Victoria to New South Wales interconnector capacity and an increase of the existing Queensland to New South Wales interconnector capacity. Project Snowy 2.0 will also require transmission network upgrades to support the expanded Snowy Hydro generation capability.

The Federal and State governments have identified a current and future skills shortage of qualified transmission lineworkers. The UET30512/UET30519 Certificate III in ESI - Power Systems – Transmission Overhead qualification is listed on most state-based “skill shortage lists” and attracts additional funding to encourage training providers to offer the qualification. However, there is a lack of TAFE and private training options available to industry.

Ensuring qualified transmission lineworkers capability

Thomson Bridge is proactively working with the state transmission network owners and leading contractors such as Zinfra, UGL, Downer and Quanta Lines to ensure they have the workforce capability to undertake these major transmission infrastructure projects over the next decade. 

We have developed intensive bridging programs and Adult Apprenticeships options to upskill experienced lineworkers. In 2019, over 100 workers have taken advantage of these programs and are on track to successfully complete their Certificate III qualification. 

In 2020, Thomson Bridge will commence an Apprenticeship program for young people and school leavers seeking to become transmission lineworkers. 

Thomson Bridge is rethinking the apprenticeship experience for today’s learners and workplace dynamic.

Underwriting the construction of this vital infrastructure by supporting industry to develop a skilled and confident workforce, efficiently and safely over the next decade.

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