ElectraNet Switching Operator Cat2 Refresher


A Refresher course involving practical and theory exercises to maintain an existing ElectraNet Cat2 Switching Officer License.

Unit Prerequisites

Participants must be literate in spoken English and competent in reading, writing and numeracy. Electrical appreciation is preferred but not required. Candidates are required to complete an ElectraNet Switching Nomination Form.

Training Location

Theory classes are held at approved training locations. Practical exercises are conducted at ElectraNet substations.

Course aim

The ElectraNet Switching Operator (Refresher) – Category 2 course is designed to refresh participants’ knowledge and skills required to understand and safely act as a Switching Operator without restriction on the ElectraNet Transmission network.

Learning activities

Theory and Practical switching exercises.


2 days


$1,000 per person (ex GST)


Subject to demand. Minimum 4 and maximum 6 attendees. 2019 Courses are scheduled as follows:

February - booked out

Wednesday 13th February 2019 - Theory

Thursday 14th February 2019 - Practical

March - booked out

Wednesday 20th March 2019 - Theory

Thursday 21st March 2019 - Practical


Wednesday 17th April 2019 - Theory

Thursday 18th April 2019 - Practical


Wednesday 29th May 2019 - Theory

Thursday 30th May 2019 - Practical


Wednesday 3rd July 2019 - Theory

Thursday 4th July 2019 - Practical


Wednesday 14th August 2019 - Theory

Thursday 15th August 2019 - Practical


Wednesday 18th September 2019 - Theory

Thursday 19th September 2019 - Practical


Wednesday 23rd October 2019 - Theory

Thursday 24th October 2019 - Practical


Wednesday 5th October 2019 - Theory

Thursday 6th October 2019 - Practical

Equipment & PPE

PPE Requirements: Hard hat, safety footwear, wrap around safety glasses, fire retardant overalls with plastic zip fasteners and work gloves (cotton or leather rigger type).
Equipment Requirements for Practicals and Assessment: Approved live line tester (Modiewark or similar), HV insulating gloves and HV operating stick attachments (Modiewark and earthing). Gloves and test equipment must be within current test date.

Assessment approach

Demonstration of practical skills. Written assessment

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