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Cable Jointing Programs

Our Cable Jointing programs are designed for experienced lineworkers and licenced electricians seeking to upskill. Courses provide essential practical and theory components and are delivered in tailored packages to suit client requirements. These programs can be offered in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland.

Our programs are listed below.

UETTDRCJ21 - Lay ESI cables

Total duration is 2 days.
Please note that there are four pre-prequisites required to undertake this program.

You can find the pre-requisite table here. 

Pre-requisite program for UETTDRCJ21 Lay ESI cables

For Candidates who do not hold the four pre-requisite units for UETTDRCJ21 Lay ESI cables, we offer a gap training program of 1 day duration. 

  • UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  • UEENEEE107A Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications
  • UETTDREL11 Apply sustainable energy and environmental procedures
  • UETTDREL16 Working safely near live electrical apparatus

Core Cable Jointing Skill Set

The Units covered in this program are as follows:
  • UETTDRCJ21 Lay ESI cables
  • UETTDRCJ26 Install and maintain de-energised low voltage underground polymeric cables
  • UETTDRCJ27 Install and maintain de-energised high voltage underground polymeric cables

This program is 15 days in duration and is weighted toward practical workshop and field exercises. There are six pre-prequisite units required to undertake this program, four of which are covered as pre-requisite units for UETTDRCJ21.

Pathway to Energised Low Voltage Cable Jointing Program 

For Candidates requiring more advanced skills, we offer the following Units:

  • UETTDRIS55 - Install and maintain Low Voltage underground services (4 Days)
  • UETTDRIS41 - Install network infrastructure electrical equipment (5 Days)
  • UETTDRIS42 - Maintain network infrastructure electrical equipment (5 Days)

This program is 14 days in duration and is dependant upon site availability for practical activities. This program provides the pre-requisite units to UETTDRCJ28. This can be delivered individually.

UETTDRCJ28 - Joint and maintain energised Low Voltage underground polymeric cables

This program is 5 days in duration, and requires the previous completion of de-energised work experience and log book.

VEDN modules

We offer the mandatory training required by the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry (VESI) as follows:

  • VEDN Module 1 - Underground electrical infrastructure (1 day)
  • VEDN Module 6 - Cable hauling (2 days)

Tailored to meet your needs

These courses can be tailored to the client’s business demand and divided into multiple phases in order to minimise disruption to projects and work commitments.

Please contact our office for further information about the course.


Click flowchart below:

Cable Jointing Skills Program Flow chart FINAL REVISED




Matt Hemer

Matt has over 25 years in the Electrical Supply Industry as a distribution lineworker and cable jointer.

Working for network owners and contractors across South Australia and Victoria, he has developed extensive experience in all aspects of underground distribution works including cable laying, LV and HV terminations, kiosk sub installations and terminations.

During the last 4 years, Matt has delivered Training and Assessment for Electrical Supply Industry Apprentices and Cable Jointing Skillset Training at Federation and Holmesglen TAFEs in Victoria. 

Matt is passionate about training apprentices as well as assisting experienced lineworkers to gain new skills in cable jointing. He has a practical, engaging approach to the delivery of his training and he strives for quality and relevance in his programs.